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Mini Lathe Tooling

1 Introduction
2 Quick-Change Tool Post?
3 Turning
4 Drilling
5 Boring
6 Cut-Off
7 Turning Between Centers
8 Lathe Chucks
9 Knurling
10 Other Accessories
11 Tooling Packages
12 Starter & Spares Kits
Mini Lathe Tooling

Turning Between Centers

You can also turn work without using a lathe chuck. Put a dead center in the spindle bore to support the near end of the work piece. The spindle is machined with a #3 Morse taper in the bore just for this. Put a live center in the tailstock to support the far end of the work piece.

This is what "center drills" are made for. The small drill bit creates a clearance hole. The counter sink creates a 60° hole that mates with the centers in the lathe. Use the 3-jaw chuck and a steady rest to hold the work piece while you center drill both ends.

The lathe dog drives the work piece. Use a long bolt in one of the holes in the spindle flange to drive the lathe dog.

Turning Between Centers Tool Options



Dead Center, 2MT


Dead Center, 3MT


Lathe Dog Set


Live Center, 2MT Short


Live Center, 2MT Standard Heavy Duty


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