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HiTorque 6500 Bench Mill

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Parts Diagram Item P/N Description Price  
A79 5665 Motor, 750 Watt Brushless DC, Bench Mill $575.95
A80 5738 Pin, Locking, HiTorque Bench Mill $1.96
A81 1532 Cap Screw, M5x12, Socket Head $0.42
A82 1490 Key, 4x25 mm $0.60
A83 4470 Cap Screw, M4x40, Socket Head $0.83
A85 5739 Handle, Z-Axis Fine Feed, HiTorque Bench Mill $16.04
A86 5740 Push Button, Reversing, HiTorque Bench Mill $4.11
A87 5741 Magnet, 4x2 mm $0.95
A88 5996 Bracket, Spindle Lock, Bench Mill $29.95
A89 5997 Shaft, Spindle Lock, Bench Mill $8.95
A90 5998 Bracket, Magnetic Switch, Spindle Lock, Bench Mill $22.95
A91 1570 Set Screw, M5x8, Socket Cone Point $0.48
A92 5999 Bracket, Spindle Lock Shaft, Bench Mill $9.95
A93 6001 Spring, 9 mm x 15 mm $2.95
A94 6002 Knob, Spindle Lock, Bench Mill $22.95
A95 6003 Shaft, Spindle Lock Magnet, Bench Mill $5.95
A96 5809 Set Screw, M5x6, Socket Cone Point $0.31
A97 6004 Switch, Magnetic, Spindle Lock, Bench Mill $32.95
A98 1541 Cap Screw, M6x20, Socket Head $0.74
A99 6005 Magnet, 4 mm x 6 mm $1.95
B01 5742 Column, HiTorque Bench Mill $174.95
B02 5743 Feed Screw, Z-Axis Bench Mill $17.51
B03 5744 Nut, Z-Axis Locking, HiTorque Bench Mill $24.98
B04 5745 Base, Z-Axis Feed Screw, HiTorque Bench Mill $49.95
B05 5746 Bracket, Lower, Z-Axis Feed Screw, HiTorque Bench Mill $24.57
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