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HiTorque 5500 Bench Mill

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Parts Diagram Item P/N Description Price  
A51 5718 Cap, Spindle $15.74
A52 5719 Pulley, Timing, Motor, HiTorque Bench Mill $15.75
A53 5720 Bearing, Thrust 12x22x5 $8.13
A54 5721 Sleeve, Worm Drive, HiTorque Bench Mill $15.13
A55 5722 Worm Shaft, Z-Axis Find Feed Bench Mill $24.95
A56 5632 Belt, Timing Bench Mill $15.39
A57 5723 Pin, M3x10 $0.95
A58 5724 Screw, M5x20 Flat Head Phillips Machine $1.72
A59 1585 Washer, M6 Flat $0.20
A60 2078 Cap Screw, M6x14, Socket Head $0.56
A61 5725 Pin, Spring 3x8 $0.95
A62 1909 Screw, M4x6 Pan Head Phillips Machine $0.18
A63 5726 Shaft, Quill Lock, HiTorque Bench Mill $2.95
A64 5727 Ball, 8 mm $4.16
A65 5728 Retaining Ring, E-Type M3 $2.53
A66 2821 Pin, M3x14 $1.06
A67 5729 Handle, Handwheel Quill Lock $4.64
A68 5730 Mount, Control Box $39.95
A71 5731 Bracket, Quill Readout, Bench Mill $8.10
A72 5732 Block, Pressing, HiTorque Bench Mill $1.96
A73 5733 Washer, Spindle Pulley, HiTorque Bench Mill $1.92
A74 5734 Registration Bracket, Quill Position, HiTorque Bench Mill $7.16
A75 5735 Spacer, Quill Lock Assembly, HiTorque Bench Mill $2.02
A76 5736 Screw, Gib Adjusting, HiTorque Bench Mill $5.35
A78 5737 Spacer, Spindle Sleeve $10.75
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