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Spring, 4.65 mm x 9 mm 

Spring, 4.65 mm x 9 mm
  • Coil Spring, 4.65 mm x 9 mm
  • Wire diameter 0.50 mm, coil 4.65 mm
  • Length 10 mm uncompressed
  • 5 coils, right hand wind with closed end
Part Number: 6238
Weight: 0.01 lb

Price: $0.95

In stock
Coil spring used with a ball bearing to apply pressure between the handwheel graduated dial and the sleeve on the HiTorque large bench mill.

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In your instruction manual, this part appears on the parts list as:

Item No Models
C15 6700 HiTorque Large Bench Mill 6750 HiTorque Large Bench Mill
Various SX3.5-US SIEG Large Bench Mill
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