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Reamer, Adjustable 9/32" - 5/16" #7 

Reamer, Adjustable 9/32" - 5/16" #7
  • Adjustable from 0.281" to 0.313"
  • Handle Multiple Hole Sizes with One Tool
  • Overall Length: 3.50"
  • Length of Cut: 1.30"
  • 5 Blades
Part Number: 5942
Weight: 0.04 lb

Price: $16.95

In stock
Adjustable blades give the operator the ability to handle multiple hole sizes with a single tool, making them a good choice for users with low volume reaming needs.

Blades are adjusted by loosening one nut and tightening the other. Each reamer expands to the next size. Square end allows the user to turn the reamer by hand with an adjustable wrench or straight handle tap wrench.

Straight flute reamers should be used in thru-hole applications only.

"Reamer Detail of Adjustable Reamer