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Deluxe Productivity Upgrade Package, HiTorque Bench Mill

         Made in United States
Deluxe Productivity Upgrade Package, HiTorque Bench Mill
Part Number: 5846
Weight: 7.61 lb

Price: $544.95

In stock
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  • Includes the 5655 Spindle Lock, the 5633 Quill Stop, and the 5657 power lift in one easy kit
  • Makes tool changes easier, faster, and more convenient.
  • Electro-magnetic interlock disables power to the motor with the fork of the Spindle Brake engaged.
  • Quick and accurate way to set quill depth of cut on 5500 Bench Top Mill.
  • Power lift Switch is mounted to the system plate and has three momentary positions: up, off, and dow
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