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Thread Repair Kits, Individual Sizes 

Thread Repair Kits, Individual Sizes
  • For repairing tapped holes in soft metal
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Stronger than original threads
  • 25 Stainless steel coil (helical) inserts
P/N 5829
Reg $34.95 Sale  $18.95
P/N 5830
Reg $36.95 Sale  $20.95
P/N 5831
Reg $39.95 Sale  $23.95
P/N 5832
Reg $29.95 Sale  $18.95
P/N 5833
Reg $34.95 Sale  $18.95
P/N 5834
Reg $36.95 Sale  $20.95
Thirty-one piece thread repair kits. Used for repairing tapped holes that have been stripped or damaged. The stainless steel insert is wound into a coil (helical). Once inserted into the hole the radial pressure of the insert holds it firmly into place. The kit comes with inserts, the appropriate size HSS twist drill, installation tool, tang removal tool and L hex wrench.

Each kit contains: 25 stainless steel inserts, 1 Screw thread insert (STI) high speed steel tap, 1 High speed steel twist drill, 1 Coil driver, 1 Tang breaker, 1 L hex wrench, 1 Metal case