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Compound Rest Top, for AXA QCTP, Bench Lathe 

Compound Rest Top, for AXA QCTP, Bench Lathe
  • Bench lathe compound rest to hold a AXA QCTP
  • Threaded 9/16-18 for AXA quick change tool post
  • Fits SIEG C4, SC4, and HiTorque bench lathes
  • 6mm oil fitting
Part Number: 4914
Weight: 2.47 lb

Price: $39.95

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This compound rest top is specially modified to mount the AXA quick change tool post on a HiTorque 8.5x16 or 8x20 Bench Lathe or a SIEG C4 or SC4 lathe.

The threading is 9/16-18 to support an AXA quick change tool post.

This is the compound rest top that comes equipped on the HiTorque Deluxe bench lathes. See Used On tab for reference to machines using this part and the corresponding drawing number.

If replacing a bench lathe standard tool post with an AXA QCTP, see the compatibility tab for reference to machines that are compatible with this product.


This product works with these products:

This product works with the following lathes. (If your machine is not on this list, check with us before ordering.)

  • 3536 HiTorque 8.5x16 Bench Lathe
  •   SIEG C4 8.5x16 Bench Lathe
  •   SIEG SC4 8.5x16 Bench Lathe
  •   Travers Tools OT218410 OTMT 8x16 Bench Lathe
  • 3540 HiTorque 8.5x20 Bench Lathe
  • 3595 HiTorque 8.5x20 Deluxe Bench Lathe
  • 7500 HiTorque 8.5x20 Bench Lathe
  • 7550 HiTorque 8.5x20 Deluxe Bench Lathe

In your instruction manual, this part appears on the parts list as:

Item No Models
402 3595 HiTorque Bench Lathe - 8.5x20 7550 HiTorque Bench Lathe - 8.5x20
Click your model to see the complete parts list.