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Dial Indicator, 5 mm x 0.01 mm, Professional Grade, Shock Resistant 

Dial Indicator, 5 mm x 0.01 mm, Professional Grade, Shock Resistant
  • Z-Limit brand guarantees professional quality
  • 0-5 mm dial indicator with 0.01 mm resolution
  • 6 jewel shock resistant movement
  • 40 mm dial diameter AGD Group 1 with 8 mm shank and flat back
  • Calibration certificate included
Part Number: 4284
Weight: 0.25 lb

Price: $42.95

In stock
This 5 mm stroke dial indicator features large, easy to read numbers and crisp graduations. Each revolution is 1 mm, indicated by the revolution counter. The resolution is 0.01 mm. The tip thread is M2.5.

Includes a durable plastic case.

This indicator is made and inspected in the same factory as some of Europe's best-known brands.

Chris Chris' Tips
At rest, an indicator’s needle points at a random position, usually in the 10 o’clock range. This is completely normal, as the needle’s position at rest is irrelevant to the use of an indicator.

An indicator is only useful when the tip is bearing against a surface to be measured. The action of pressing the tip against the surface moves the needle, also to some random position. But this position is relevant; turn the bezel so that the needle is pointing at zero. Now you can make measurements, both positive and negative, relative to the starting position.

AGD Groups define the size of the indicator.

AGD Group Face Diameter
0 1.00 - 1.38" 25 - 35 mm
1 1.38 - 2.00" 35 - 50 mm
2 2.00 - 2.38" 50 - 60 mm
3 2.38 - 3.00" 60 - 75 mm
4 3.00 - 3.75" 75 - 95 mm
Inch indicators have a 0.375" diameter shank with a #4-48 thread for tips. Metric indicators have an 8 mm diameter shank with an M2.5 thread.

"Professional Grade Indicator Face