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Vise, 5" Precision Milling, Professional Grade 

Vise, 5" Precision Milling, Professional Grade
  • Precision 5" Kurt-style milling machine vise with swivel base
  • Top, bottom of vise bed, gib, jaws, swivel base, and all plate mounting surfaces are ground
  • Interchangeable jaws are hardened and ground
  • The detachable swivel base features easy to read divisions
  • Fully enclosed heat treated screw
Part Number: 3951
Weight: 68.9 lb

Price: $324.95

In stock
The replaceable jaws can be mounted on either end of the fixed and movable jaw supports providing a wide range of clamping distances.
Jaw width 5.1" (130 mm)
Jaw depth 1.3" (34 mm)
Maximum jaw opening 4.7" (120 mm)
Swivel Base Yes
Weight 65 lbs (30 kg)
Height with base 5.3" (135 mm)
Height w/o base 3.8" (97 mm)
Length 14.3" (363 mm)
Width with base 9.8" (248 mm)
Width w/o base 7.0" (178 mm)
Hold-down mechanism Yes
Ways parallel to bottom of vise within 0.0003" in 4" (0.008 mm in 100 mm)
Jaws perpendicular to ways within 0.0004" in 4" (0.010 mm in 100 mm)