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Finger, Steady Rest, 18 mm x 65 mm 

Finger, Steady Rest, 18 mm x 65 mm
  • Steady rest finger
  • 18 mm x 65 mm
  • 120 degree tip
  • Channel is 10 mm x 42.5 mm
  • Use with M10 retainer and M5 long adjusting screw
Part Number: 3013
Weight: 0.03 lb

Price: $9.95

In stock
This is the brass finger or jaw that is used on the steady rest for 8x12, 8x14 and SIEG C6 lathes. The overall length if 65 mm, the width is 18 mm. The inside channel is 10 mm x 42.5 mm. Threaded for an M5 adjusting screw and a retainer with an M10 shaft. The tip is 120 degrees.

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