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Arbor, 2MT, Sherline/Taig Tooling 

Arbor, 2MT, Sherline/Taig Tooling
  • 3/4-16 Threaded end fits Sherline and Taig chucks and tooling
  • 2MT drawbar shank with 3/8-16 drawbar thread
  • Fits Taig collets and collet nut
Part Number: 2663
Weight: 0.29 lb

Price: $29.95

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2 Morse Taper abor with a 3/8-16 drawbar thread. The chuck threading is 3/4-16 and designed to fit Sherline and Taig chucks and tooling. Also fits Taig collets and collet nuts.

Note: For Sherline tooling a 1/8" thick flat washer must be used between the tool and arbor.


This product works with lathes with a 2 Morse taper spindle taper including:

  •   Grizzly M1015 Shop Fox 6x10 Micro Lathe
  •   Micro-Mark 85181 MicroLux 6x10 Micro Lathe
  •   SIEG C1 6x10 Micro Lathe
  •   Woodstock International M1015 Shop Fox 6x10 Micro Lathe
  •   Emco Compact 5 5x14 Lathe
  •   Prazi SD300 5x12 Lathe
  •   Craftsman & Atlas 612 6x18 Lathe

This product works with mills with a 2 Morse taper spindle taper including:

  •   Prazi BF400 Mill
  •   Prazi BF450 Mill
  •   Clarke CMD10 Metalworker Micro Mill
  •   Harbor Freight 47158 Central Machinery Micro Mill
  •   SIEG X1 Micro Mill
  •   SIEG SX1 Micro Mill
  • 4700 HiTorque Micro Mill
  •   SIEG SX1P Micro Mill
  •   Harbor Freight 42976 Central Machinery Mill/Drill