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Studs & Nuts, M6Made in Taiwan

Studs & Nuts, M6
Part Number: 1222
Weight: 0.16 lb

Price: $2.95

In stock
4 M6 x 30 studs and 4 M6 nuts.

These are the studs and nuts you need to mount a 3" 4-jaw chuck on the mini lathe. Use them to mount your shop-made faceplates and larger chuck adapters, too.

The nuts are hardened so they won't wear out from repeated use.

Chris Chris' Tips
These hardened studs & nuts are used to mount chucks and adapters on the mini lathe spindle. Because they are hardened they will last a lot longer than the ones that come on the mini lathe.

These studs are not long enough for the Tormach Duality Lathe. You will have to find some longer (set screws) locally.

This product contains the following items:
  Description Qty
Nut, M6 Hardened Nut, M6 Hardened, P/N 1226 4
Stud, M6x30 Stud, M6x30, P/N 1225 4