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Products > Mill > Tormach PCNC Accessories

Accessories and tooling for Tormach PCNC mills

This list shows products that are specific to Tormach PCNC mills. For products that work with many different mills, such as collet chucks, see Mill > Tooling.

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P/N Description Price  
4118 Jog & Shuttle Controller, Tormach $99.95
4277 Lathe Chuck, 4 Jaw 5" for 6" Tormach Rotary Table $395.00
4276 Lifting Bar, Tormach $195.00
4236 Machine Arm, for Computer, Tormach $275.00
4237 Machine Arm, for Tools, Tormach $341.50
4238 USB Bulkhead Fitting and Cable $19.95