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Identifying SIEG Mini Lathes

There are several distinctive features of SIEG mini lathes that can be used to quickly identify them.

Lead Screw

The lead screw on SIEG mini lathes ends at the right side of the support bracket while other manufacturers' lead screws extend past the bracket.

SIEG mini lathe lead screw Other mini lathe lead screw
SIEG mini lathe lead screw Non-SIEG mini lathe lead screw


The saddle on SIEG mini lathes is shaped like the letter H. Other mini lathes have a rectangular saddle.

SIEG mini lathe saddle Other mini lathe saddle
SIEG mini lathe Saddle Non-SIEG mini lathe Saddle

Here is what a SIEG saddle looks like. Other lathes do not have the red "cutouts".

SIEG Lathe Saddle