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Products > Mill > HiTorque Bench Mill (SX2.7) Accessories

Accessories and upgrades for the HiTorque Bench Mill and other SX2.7 bench mills

This list shows products that are specific to the HiTorque mills. For products that work with many different mills, such as collet chucks, see Mill > Tooling.

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P/N Description Price  
5845 Bearing, Tapered Roller HR32907J $29.10
Not in stock
5581 Chip Tray, HiTorque Bench Mill $39.95
Not in stock
4207 Clutch, X-Axis Handwheel, HiTorque Bench Mill Deluxe $19.95
5846 Deluxe Productivity Upgrade Package, HiTorque Bench Mill $579.95
5717 Drawbar, Bench Mill $14.95
4327 Drawbar, Bench Mill, Quick Release $29.95
4206 Feed Screw, X-Axis, HiTorque Bench Mill Deluxe $29.95
4204 Handwheel, HiTorque Bench Mill, Aluminum, X-Axis $19.95
4203 Handwheel, HiTorque Bench Mill, Aluminum, Y & Z-Axis $19.95
1490 Key, 4x25 mm $0.60
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